Chemical Manufacturing – Solstice HFO-1234zd Project – Phase 2

Scope: New process manufacturing process a Low Global Warming Potential product used in the production of a near “drop-in” replacement of HFC-245fa refrigerant inclusive of a new structure, reactor vessel, piping, raw material and product storage, truck loading/unloading and thermal oxidizer.

Budget:  $220MM

Schedule:  Construction 2012 – 2015

Highlights:  Adjacent to another ongoing major construction project.  Civil, mechanical, structural, electrical, reactor setting, automation, multiple tie-ins, railroad coordination.  Elevated process structure within the ISBL of a tight operating area.

Mitigations/Successes:  Successfully developed and maintained cost reporting and engineering progress with earned value management by discipline identifying potential issues in advance.  Proactively established labor requirements and project schedule for construction and commissioning alleviating “reaction-planning”.

Developed project cost and schedule baseline and managed it within 1% accuracy.