Our proprietary Data Gathering System tracks project execution in near real­time, validating subcontractor requisitions and productivity, and adjusting project execution proactively, before increased costs and schedule impacts are incurred.
Our Risk Management System greatly reduces project risk, rather than shifting it to lower tiers in the subcontractor chain.
ExecuTREK’s proven Labor Management Initiative involves direct communication with all levels of Union Management from the project outset, minimizing work stoppages and gaining cooperation early in the process.
We provide managers and Owners with automated on­ the­ fly status updates to their personal devices, no matter where they are.

 ExecuTREK’s proprietary Data Systems allow managers and Owners to view major progress and productivity indicators and trends, forecasted through to completion, and available to view anywhere on their personal devices.

Earned Values

 Our Earned Values approach monitors and trends subcontractor performance against effort expended, alerting Owners to potential issues, often before the contractors themselves are even aware of them.

Early Modifications, Fewer Change Orders

We leverage our strategies to make changes early in the process where they have the greatest impact at the lowest cost, enabling us to reduce the cost of change orders by orders of magnitude. ExecuTREK System’s near real­time Data Gathering System, trend analysis, and on the fly forecasting are at the Owner’s fingertips from any Handheld device, anywhere, anytime.


  • In Place quantities
  • Percent Completed
  • Earned Man­hours
  • Productivity factor
  • Man­hours Ahead or Behind


  • Man­hours at Completion
  • Cost at Completion
  • Approved for Invoicing Amount
  • Schedule Completion.

The Result is Increased Productivity

ExecuTREK’s Systems provide subcontractors with the ability to monitor their own progress more effectively. Increased tracking and feedback has been proven to increase their productivity.

“…you made the successful execution of the construction work of the Milford plant a standard for our companies. We commend you on this outstanding accomplishment.”

William Garnett, President
Jones Capital Corporation