Petroleum Refining – FCC Slurry Filtration Project

Scope:  New process unit to filter Fluidic Catalyst Cracking (FCC) catalyst material out of oil slurry.

Budget:  $35MM

Schedule:  Construction 2012 – 2013

Highlights:  Civil, mechanical, structural, electrical, vessel setting, complex equipment rigging, tie-ins to existing systems.  Major engineering error caused budget impact due to significant piping rework.

Mitigations/Successes:  Successfully Implemented Constructability and Scope development for scope change.  Developed flash trend management system to capture multiple simultaneous estimates of rework.  Labor estimating and productivity analyses used to properly staff and schedule work to meet project deadline.  Renegotiated construction contract to lessen engineering error cost impact. Hard business deadline was met for production.

Delivered Project Safely, On-time and On-Budget.